George's War Wagon Refuse Removal in Whistler Covers It All

George's War Wagon Refuse Removal

If You Need It, We Do It
If you’ve been thinking of sprucing up the area around your home, business or industrial facility, you only need to call one service: George's War Wagon Refuse Removal.

From Landscaping to Handyman Services
At George’s War Wagon, we’ll come and rid your area of construction debris or household garbage. We’ll mow your lawn and do your gardening. We do demolition, maintenance, snow removal and handyman work. We even pick up dog waste!

Power-Washing and Painting
As far as we know, George’s War Wagon is the only business in Whistler that offers this stunning range of services. Need your trees pruned, your flowers watered, your building painted or your siding power-washed? Give us a call!

Dawn to Dusk Waste Removal
In fact, it’s almost easier to list the chores that George’s War Wagon doesn’t do. No job is too big or small! Call us for dawn-to-dusk waste removal. If you need labourers, we have workers available to suit your needs.

Best Rates in Town
George’s War Wagon serves the residential, commercial and industrial markets in and around Whistler, and we offer the best rates in town for whatever services you need. You can’t afford not to call – contact us today!


  • Lawn Care
  • Tree Maintenance
  • Snow Removal
  • Handyman Services
  • Power Washing
  • Garbage Removal

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"Dawn to dusk"
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